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To press-pass, or not to press-pass, that is the question

FAQEmmanuelle HesselComment

So often we are asked about the importance of visiting the offshore printer to monitor the printing process. There are a number of things to consider before you settle into your long journey to Asia and a few of them are:

- what is the colour content of my book
- did I send colour-match proofs
- have I selected a reputable printer
- are we dealing with a high-profile author.

Let’s face it, things can go wrong on press, that’s a given. We are dealing with machinery which can break down and often needs fine-tuning. But, if you’ve chosen the best printer for your project and have supplied colour-match proofs, then you should trust that the offshore printer will manufacture a product that meets or exceeds your quality expectations.

We’ve been on many a press-pass, but often only for very high-profile titles or titles designed using a special Pantone colours, with challenging black and white illustrations or halftones.